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Build on Shimmer EVM

Free on-chain randomness

Free on-chain randomness means that you don’t have to spend a cent for expensive 3rd party VRF services and you keep all the profits.

Low and predictable fees

ShimmerEVM has deployed one of the lowest EVM fee environments.

Fast and efficient transactions

ShimmerEVM is one of the fastest smart contract chains deployed

EVM compatibility

Genie's Bounty has been forked from ZKasino and developed to provide feeless randomness thanks to ShimmerEVM's EVM compatibility."

Strong community

ShimmerEVM has been developed by IOTA which has a large and strong community who will be able to experience web3 applications including Genie's Bounty for the first time.

Support for zkSync in the future

Shimmer L1 is capable of deploying future chains to take advantage of new technologies such as zkSync which would private greater privacy and scalability.

Start building on Shimmer